One Room Challenge: Week 2

Hello and welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge. I've managed to get a few things done in preparation for next week, nothing you could actually see just tweaked and finalized the details. One of my biggest dilemmas was choosing the paint color. I was between black, navy blue and a charcoal grey (leaning more towards the black). Of course black was taken off the table pretty quickly because the man of the house is somewhat scared of dark colors he thinks it makes everything look dark. On the contrary I love dark colors and when paired with the right details it can actually be very bright. So I was left to decide between these two colors below and I decided on the blue because it's such a rich color but still very vibrant and paired with crisp white moldings I think it will look great. Hopefully I don't change my mind and end up going with black, what do you guys think?  This week I also provided you guys with a quick little video tour on my YouTube page of the space and I will have a video up every week until it's finished (please subscribe). Hope you guys enjoyed see you next week with actual visible changes next week lol.

Left: Deep Sea by Behr Right: Cracked Pepper by Behr

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