The best of 2016 Christmas Trees

 Hello and welcome to my round up of the best Christmas trees of 2016. Lets start with this beauty which has been all over my feed this season. This beauty is by none other than Laila from Designs by Laila. I love that the tree is placed in front of the mirror for a glam touch. When the lights are off it makes for a beautiful reflection of the twinkling lights.
 What Christmas tree dreams are made of, this set up has been at the top of my list this year. A breathtakingly gorgeous statement. Who says you can only have one tree? Rachel from Pink Peonies proved the saying "the more the merrier" correct. One day I will Have the space to do this in my home but for now I'll just sit back and admire the pictures as I know many of you out there have been doing all season long too lol. 
 Of course you guys know I had to include this because this color combo is one of my favorites. I love everything about how Shauna from The House of Silver Lining decorated her home this year and I love that I have discovered her page on Instagram because it has become one of my favorites.
 This little gem right here made me love classic red for Christmas again and even inspired my decor for next year. This beauty was designed by Karis from JadoreKaris
 I am not a pink kind of gal but Ceres from Designs By Ceres on Instagram has me slowly going over to the pink side.
Last but surely not least this stunner by Kim from Styled with Lace. I am in love with her flocked tree and her decor color scheme. The kind of tree you just want to cozy up net too with a fuzzy blanket and some hot cocoa. 
Hope you all enjoyed my round up of The best of 2016 Christmas Trees can't wait to see what everyone will do next year. You all know I am already planning my decor for next year. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all see you guys in 2017.


Holiday Ornaments

Christmas is in full swing at my house, as some of you if not all of you may know, Christmas is my favorite time of year. I don't skip thanksgiving because I love Thanksgiving as well but I love putting my tee out early and all my decor as well because it makes it feel more festive, and I get to enjoy the beauty of my holiday decor much longer. I know there are plenty of you who feel the same way and if you do follow me on Instagram because I've created a hashtag #pghholiday that you can use on your holiday pictures so that I can feature your spaces on my Instagram. I love seeing how people incorporate their own style into their holiday decor because it make so much more fun. Last year I did black and white on my tree but this year i have decided to do metallics. Using colors like copper, gold, silver,  and rose gold. I was lucky to find some beautiful ornaments this year at Homegoods and Michael's as well as the dollar tree which is where i got almost all the gold and silver ornaments. My favorites so far are the box of copper and gold ones I found at Michael's with all the different designs. I ran straight to them once I spotted them and I'm happy that I did. Hope you guys enjoy my finds and that it sparks a little bit of holiday cheer in you and don't forget to hashtag #pghholiday on Instagram so I can see your amazing spaces this season.

Reindeer and Bird - Dollar tree
blue mercury ball ornaments- marshall's (similar here)
Joyeux mini ornaments-Michaels only in stores (also in pink)
assorted set of 9-Michaels only in stores

Fall Home Decor Haul New Video

Hello guys just wanted to share a few goodies I purchased in the past month, check it out and subscribe to my youtube to see much more coming soon. 

Starter Home Project: Hallway

Hello everyone I know I know I've gone MIA but I'm back. Today I'm sharing with you the process on my hallway. I will be calling this my Starter Home Project and I will be posting more along the way. A few weeks ago I was at home just relaxing and decided to walk over to my home depot and  finally buy the paint to start the process. I purchased a gallon of Ultra Pure White by Behr in a semi-gloss finish. I chose semi-gloss because my hallway gets a lot of traffic and it is an easy finish to clean right up. One gallon is on enough for the first coat and as you can see I still have to do the edges and all the molding. I will be going this weekend to purchase another gallon or maybe I'll buy the big pro gallon because I will also be doing all the trim around the doors and the ceiling.  I'll also be purchasing the black paint as well which I will be getting in a satin finish to add some texture to the wall and also because I like the contrast of finishes. I still have a long way to go but seeing the finished product is all worth it. I am beyond excited to see the end, especially now that I've seen how much just the white paint has changed the look of my hallway. It is much brighter now and I think it looks bigger but most of all I'm glad there is no more beige lol (well almost no more beige). 


Luxurious Chairs

luxury chair picks

I have been obsessed with chairs lately and I blame BlackRooster for that, if you don’t follow them on instagram you should they have the most amazing home d├ęcor and their feed is full of inspiration and eye candy. I wish I could have them all in my house right now so I could just stare at them all day but they are not in my budget at the moment, maybe in my dream home sometime in the future (wishful thinking). Here I’ve picked a few of my favorites and I think you’ll notice I have a thing for velvet and gold in my opinion it is a very luxurious combination. Hope you guys enjoy and if you have any of these chairs in your home or similar ones please email me your picks I would love to see them and feature you here on my page. Until next time xoxo


Before and After: Moms Dresser

Hello and welcome back to A Home Simply Styled today I am sharing with you guys the before and after of My moms dresser. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the video of my brother sanding it down before we stained it. I don't really have much before pictures (i know shame on me for not taking one before we started) and the one I managed to find is a very blurry one. But at least you can see a little of what it used to look like. 

I love the stain we used its the same stain as the one we used on the dining table that we refinished a while ago but we did 3 coats of the stain this time instead of two that is why the color is much darker and richer. 
My mom choose these knobs from home depot. She wanted something vintage looking in either gold but she fell in love with these when she saw them and the look great against the color of the stain. 
The before and after is amazing and the best part was seeing my moms face when it was done. In all we spent under $50.00 for this transformation and now it looks like its worth much more. Talk about a bang for your buck. By far one of my favorite furniture flips (besides Haley's dresser).


Mother's Day Gift Guide

mothers day gift guide

That time of year is here again where we celebrate our moms for that they do for us and of course some of us have left gift shopping for last minute. I’ve put together a mother’s day gift guide to help those who are last minute shopping (like me) or just to give you guys some ideas of what to get your moms. Whether she’s a cook an entertainer or a lover of all things beauty and fashion, there’s something here to please every mom and make her feel special and loved. Hope you all enjoy a beautiful mother’s day with that special lady in your life. Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see an update on Haley's room for the one room challenge.



1.Odd Numbers Look Best
Decorate in groups of odd numbers.  In this case we are using patterns, if you are just starting out and it’s your first time trying this technique start with three different patterns in three different scales. Once you feel comfortable enough you can add more. 
2.Scale your Patterns
We want our patterns to complement one another not compete with each other or the space. Incorporate varying scales to the space, since we are starting off with three, choose one large, one medium and one small pattern to work with. When choosing where to put your patterns keep in mind the size of your space. Large patterns work best on large items, such as a wall, window treatment or area rug because the area or item is large enough to fit your entire pattern. Medium patterns work best on furniture and small patterns are perfect for those smaller items such as accent pieces.
3.Incorporate Your Color Scheme
Incorporate your color scheme in your patterns. Use your biggest and boldest pattern as your anchor by incorporating your main color. Use the other two prints for the rest of the colors in your space or to accent. If you are only using one color in your space try using different shades of the same color. An easy way to do this is to look for a fabric that has coordinating patterns available. Don’t forget to ground your space using solids as well as neutrals so that the space you are working in looks cohesive.
(via Pop Sugar)
4.What style are you going for?
Take into consideration the style you’ve chosen for your home when picking out patterns you want to mix. If you are a first timer sticking to one style is much easier. For example, traditional patterns mix well with other traditional patterns, versus mixing them with bold, modern prints. But if you are like me and you like taking walks on the wild side once in a while, and aren’t afraid of mixing styles then go for it! Just keep the other rules in mind when doing so. You never know that walk on the wild side can lead to an unexpected statement.
And the most important rule is Balance. Balance is key when mixing patterns!  Balance the scale of your patterns, and balance them equally throughout the space. This helps to avoid one side of your room looking heavier than the other.
Hope these rules will you on your next pattern mixing adventure, and remember it’s ok to break the rules sometimes. You know what looks good to you and what doesn’t, and what you are comfortable with. So if it looks good and feels good to you then go for it!


Before & After Dining Table

Hello everyone, today I'm sharing with you guys my revamp on my moms dining table. Ever since we moved shes been wanting to re-do this table because the color was fading and it was all scratched up. She's had it for about ten years and really didn't want to let it go so I told her I'd help. Sadly I dont' have an actual before picture of what it looked like before my brother sanded it down, but below you'll see what it looked like after the sanding. Personally I loved how it looked after we sanded it down but my mom wasn't much of a fan and after all she's the boss.We used Varathane Stain & Poly in Dark walnut and applied it with a synthetic bristle brush.We only applied two coats of stain because my mom liked the color after the second coat. If you prefer  a darker color then definitely go with three coats. I must say you do need to be very careful using a brush because it does leave noticeable brush strokes so it's best to minimize the amount of brush strokes you use. I loved how it turned out, the color and shine were beautiful. Mamma bear was a happy camper although she still wants add a coat of poly but we'll see what she decides. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any questions in the comments.