Eclectic spaces

A few of you are probably asking yourselves what exactly is "eclectic style" ? Well lets shed some light on this beautiful style. Eclectic style is a mix of different time periods and styles brought together by color, textures, and different shapes and finishes. scroll down to see some amazing ideas and tips to inspire your home design.

Color is big when it comes to this design style that's why its one of my favorite styles. It is very easy to get very carried away with color (TRUST ME), but one great way to keep you form going crazy is by choosing a few neutrals to balance out the color and pull everything together. Here the color scheme is shades of blue, but the camel sofa and white walls help keep the blue from over powering the rest of the design.

 Here we have a mix of baroque and industrial style. The color of the chairs works great beacause everything else in the space is a neutral color, so everything balances out.
And here we have the perfect example of one of the elements that really defines and eclectic space. A multitude of FABRICS in different colors and patterns. By choosing a color palette and and a neutral color all these pillows look cohesive and just right. Such cozy looking space don't you think?

If you are choosing to do this style in a room where you can't incorporate pillows, or curtains, you can mix fabrics with rugs. There is about six different rugs and patterns in this Dining space but you barely notice it because, the color palette brings them altogether