January beauty buys

Since the new year began I've been cutting back on shopping which i have been unsuccessful at. So I took a trip to mac and surprisingly didn't go too crazy just picked up some new items I've wanted to try and a blush that i have been dying to get. Lipstick is velvet teddy and lip liner is subculture, i purchased this combo because i wanted to recreate the Kylie Jenner lip and these are pretty close, you can also try their lip liner in whirl. The blush is peechykeen and I've wanted this blush for a while because it's versatile and goes great on any skin tone, so its perfect for clients. I have a feeling I'll be back at mac soon (the whole non shopping thing isn't working CLEARLY) lol. I'll be filming a video for you guys soon on everything I've gotten this month both fashion, home, and makeup so stay tuned!

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