White HOt Summer

White HOt Summer

White is not normally a color I gravitate to but this season, it's all I can think about. I've been on the hunt lately for the perfect white bag. It's risky business because I have a toddler who loves drawing on everything  for this summer and I've come across a few all in reasonable price ranges, which is good on any (mommy problems) but maybe I'll just have to guard this one extra tight lol. I have come across a few That I really like and they reasonably priced which is KEY,  like I always say "You can look fabulous and be on trend without braking the bank"  If you've been on the same white bag hunt as me, hope this helps you. Comment below letting me know your white bag must have of the season.
xoxo StyledbyPaloma 


  1. Hey girl!

    LOVE the chic white nag chooses! I love the quilted Chanel inspired bag and the Phillip Lim one as well, both my favs!

    GREAT post! :)

    XO KCN
    Inside Look At KCN <3

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  2. These are all such great picks, Paloma! I can't believe Forever 21 has a Pashli look alike now - what a great deal. =)


    I hope you have a great rest of your week!


    1. I know I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it lol

  3. Great picks, I love the Zara bag. Ive also been obsessed with white this season but Ive been looking for the perfect white sandal for months. Although I'm scared to actually buy a pair because white shoes are bound to get dirty.


  4. I love a white bag in the summer. I am currently using a Michael Kors white tote. I love the Phillip Lim in white.


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