Home Improvement Saturdays : Ikea Rast Hack

For those of you who don't know I am an interior design enthusiast. Interior design is one of my greatest passion which I hope to make into a career someday. There's nothing more exciting to me then decorating or rearranging things in your home to give it a new look. It's the same as when you are putting an outfit together, you are putting different pieces together finding ways to give the outfit a new twist. This is a great project for you DIY lovers out there! You might have seen people talking about the Ikea Rast drawer on Instagram or on other blogs, basically its just a drawer you get at any ikea and it comes plain with no hardware or paint, giving you freedom to transform it into anything you want. A few coats of paint and some bling(hardware) and VOILA! you have a unique piece that was made by you, and the best part is not everyone has it. I love what I've seen so far, and how creative people get, the transformations are amazing. I would love to try this out in my home ( as soon as I find somewhere to put it) lol.  I've found a few of my favorite hacks which have inspired me and hopefully will inspire you to get a little creative in your home.
xoxo Styled by Paloma


Oversized is the Right Size

One of my favorite winter trends so far is the over sized coat trend. I've been seeing it a lot lately on Kim Kardashian and I love how it pulls her looks together. I know some of us hear the word over sized, and we run in the other direction because we think it'll make us look frumpy or bigger. Surprisingly This trend looks amazing on EVERYONE. I've seen on all kinds of shapes and sizes and it looks fabulous. It pulls your look together and adds an instant sense of chic to any outfit. It is most definitely a statement piece, so prepare for all eyes on you everywhere you go ( but who doesn't love a little attention when you look fabulous ). You can find one pretty much anywhere, especially thrift shops. I've pulled some of my favorite ones below, Hope you like ;) xoxo Styled By Paloma
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